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Name Description Packing  

Monoethylene Glycol


An alcohol-containing product used in the composition of antifreeze and antifreeze, de-icing liquids, refrigerants, heat carriers, hydraulic fluids, etc.

barrels 230 kg, cubes 1000 kg, flexi 20 000 kg Заказать

Diethylene Glycol


It is a raw material in the industrial production of esters and polyurethanes. It is used as an extractant of aromatic hydrocarbons, for drying natural gas and in other industries.

barrels 230 kg, cubes 1000 kg, flexi 20 000 kg Заказать

Caustic soda (caustic soda, flaked)


A white solid. It is highly hygroscopic, "blurs" in the air, actively absorbing water vapor and carbon dioxide from the air. It dissolves well in water, while a large amount of heat is released.

big bags 1250 kg, bags 25 kg Заказать

Urea - Urea (urea)


Chemical compound, carbonic acid diamide. White crystals soluble in polar solvents (water, ethanol, liquid ammonia).

bags of 50 kg, MKR of 400 kg, 500 kg, 900 kg, 1000 kg Заказать

Citric acid


Monohydrate is widely used in the food industry as an acidity regulator, antioxidant and preservative (E330); to protect fats from spoilage, as a food additive in confectionery production, in the production of juices, canned food and others.

It has no smell, but has a strong sour taste. Manufacturer: Weifang Ensign Industry Co., Ltd; TTC Co., Ltd

paper bags weighing 25 kg Заказать

Glycerin 99.7% USP, Glycerin 99.5 %



Appearance: Transparent, colorless, hygroscopic, syrupy liquid with a mild characteristic aroma.

Application: The properties of glycerin allow the use of a food additive in the manufacturing process of many food products. The organically active substance glycerin mixes perfectly with water-containing solutions. In addition, glycerin differs from other chemical compounds similar in properties and composition in that it has a pronounced sweet taste. It is used in the production of confectionery, beverages.

cubic containers of 1250 kg, barrels of 250 kg Заказать

Propylene Glycol

СH₂(OH)-СH(OH)-СH₃, С₃H₈O₂


Physical properties: Transparent, colorless liquid.

Application: In the food industry, propylene glycol is used as a moisture-retaining, softening or dispersing agent. The additive is introduced into the composition of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol carbonated, as well as energy drinks. As a solvent of food coloring and flavoring agents.

It is used in the confectionery production of sponge rolls, cookies and sweets.
Propylene glycol, due to its low toxicity, is used as a coolant for cooling food products.

cubic containers of 1000 kg, barrels of 215 kg, cans of 31.5 l Заказать

Ammonium nitrate (fertilizer)

NH 4 NO 3

Granular substance with much less hygroscopicity. The size of the granules is 1-4 mm. The fertilizer contains various additives to reduce the traceability. Fine-ground phosphorite flour, gypsum, kaolinite, magnesium nitrate, etc. can serve as condensing substances. These additives give the fertilizer a yellowish tint. Fixin, introduced as an additive, gives it a reddish color. Ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer in all methods (main application, seed application, top dressing) and for all agricultural crops.

bags of 25 kg Заказать

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES – 70)

CH₃(CH₂)₁₀CH₂(OCH₂CH₂)nOSO₃Na, C12+2nH25+4nNaO4+nS

Anionic surfactant. It is soluble in water, has excellent washing properties in hard water. Sodium laureth sulfate is an excellent foaming agent, so it has proven itself as a time-tested remedy. SLES interacts with anionic nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, is actively used in various industries.

Spheres (areas) of application of Sodium Laureth sulfate:

  • SLES-70 is used as the main component for the production of shampoos, bath foam, soap, as well as cleaning products.
  • Foaming agent for anti-fire products.
  • An indispensable raw material for the textile and leather industry.
barrel 170 kg Заказать

Lactic acid (lactate)


Lactic acid looks like a syrupy transparent or yellowish liquid with a weakly pronounced odor and a specific sour taste. Lactate is soluble in alcohol, glycerin and water. The main scope of application of this chemical reagent is the food industry (food additive E270, and its salts – E271-279).

You need to know that lactic acid:

  • helps relieve stress with excessive excitability of the body;
  • absolutely harmless;
  • does not cause seizures;
  • it is produced by the body during the breakdown of carbohydrates;
  • it is formed in the muscles due to a large amount of oxygen;
  • many tissues, namely skeletal muscles, constantly produce and use it;
  • the heart uses lactate as the main source of energy;
  • this is a "fast fuel" that increases performance at high loads.

Safety precautions when working with lactic acid:

To avoid contact with concentrated lactic acid in the eyes, you should wear special protective glasses, and nitrile gloves or examination gloves to protect your hands. All work should be carried out using laboratory glassware, since glassware made of any other material can react with acid.

The chemical reagent E-270 should be stored exclusively in a special container, which excludes the possibility of direct sunlight, and the room temperature should not exceed 20 ° C.

canisters of 25 kg Заказать

Boric acid

H₃BO₃, B(OH)₃

A weak chemical inorganic acid corresponding to the highest degree of boron oxidation. Under standard conditions, boric acid is a colorless crystalline substance in the form of odorless scales.

Application: Boric acid is used in industry as a fertilizer and as a disinfectant. For medical purposes, boric acid-based preparations are used as an antifungal, antiparasitic (anti-radicular) and antibacterial agent.

For the purposes of medical, sanitary and household disinfection. Registered preparations based on boric acid are intended for the destruction of synanthropic cockroaches and ants in residential premises, in medical and children's institutions, in catering establishments, warehouses, shops, as well as in the practice of medical disinsection.

bags of 25 kg Заказать
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